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10 Quick Fixes for Homes with Furry Pets

  1. Lightly dust carpet with a scented carpet de-odorizing powder after putting your pets in a different area of your home or in a crate.  Wait 10-15 and then vacuum thoroughly and don’t skip the corners and edges!  Carpet powders not only make your carpet smell fresh, but they also freshens the air as you vacuum.
  2. In the 10-15 minutes it takes for the carpet powder to deodorize, dust furniture, baseboards, windowsills, and electronics with an electrostatic duster.  Get an electrostatic duster that is extendable, so you can reach light fixtures and along the ceiling and corners.  They work great for quick clean ups!
  3. Put the pet bed away or switch it with a clean “spare” bed.  Odor tends to linger in beds, so the smell can still remain even after spraying with a deodorizer.  You can also put a dryer sheet under the pet bed to freshen the area.  Odors can also linger on pet toys, so collect them in a plastic bag and put them away too.
  4. Clean litter boxes and crates.  Empty litter boxes into a plastic bag and tie it tight so odor can’t escape.  Vacuum around the area and spray with a deodorizer if necessary.
  5. Mist your pet with a pet deodorizer or wipe it down with a pet deodorizing wipe.  Before misting or wiping down your pet I recommend brushing it outside or in an area that can quickly be cleaned to get rid of stray hairs and debris.
  6. Put a Filter Fresh Pad on your furnace filter and run your system.  This is a quick way to freshen the air in your home!  If this is not an option, open a few windows and get some fresh air in your home.
  7. Quickly clean your wood furniture with furniture polish and a microfiber cloth or furniture polish wipes to make your furniture gleam!
  8. Use a lint brush to clean upholstery.  If you have leather furniture, wipe it clean with leather cleaning wipes.
  9. Spot clean hard floors with a damp microfiber cloth instead of mopping, which can move dirt around and leave your floors wet when your guest arrives.  Make sure you clean against walls and in corners.
  10. Give your furry friend a treat that freshens breath to prevent your guest from being greeted by a pet with stinky breath!

Have your own tips?  Please share!!!

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