Baby Beardies


IMG_3696Baby bearded dragons are very cute, but they require more attention, care, are much more fragile, are harder to handle, and can get sick or injured much easier than older and adult bearded dragons. If you are getting a beardie for the first time, you may want to consider getting an adult or a juvenile bearded dragon. Their diet and environment are extremely important as babies, because if they are not taken care of properly they may not reach their full growth potential, develop lifelong health problems, become impacted, become injured or deformed, or worse. Babies also eat a lot more and must be fed primarily insects every day and sometimes several times a day supplemented every other feeding. They also need to be given greens that have been finely chopped up every day. Babies hatch at about 4 inches long, and can grow as much as 1/2 to 1 inch per week in their first few weeks! Pets stores and breeders should never sell bearded dragons under 6 weeks old, because some times babies just don’t survive. It is best to only get bearded dragons that are at least six weeks old and at least 6 inches long.

For more information on baby bearded dragons, please refer to the bearded dragon care guide:


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