1. Robin Sherwood says:

    I need to fatten up my rosy! She is approx. One yr. Old. She likes to eat, but I can’t seem to get her fattened up. Also, I just lost my male, same age. I am pretty sure he died of pneumonia. Is my little girl going to be OK alone, or should I get her a partner right away?

    Thanks for any he?P you can give!
    Happy bearding!

    • Mary says:

      Hi Robin,
      I’m so sorry to hear about your male beardie. You should have Rosy tested/treated for parasites. Parasites are the most common health problem with beardies and can cause all the problems you’re describing with Rosy. Parasites can cause appetite problems, an inability to gain weight, and even death. It could have also caused the death of your male beardie if it wasn’t caused by pneumonia. Parasites can very easily spread and multiple, so don’t get another beardie. She’s better off alone, because you will need keep the enclosure as clean as possible and stress free. You can get medication for parasites without a prescription here: She will need panacur or albon depending on what type of parasites present. Also, to help fatten her up you can try to give her more dubia roaches and you can try mixing in her favorites fruits with her greens. You may also want to get her: to keep her hydrated and give a bath every few days. I hope this information helps and your beardie fattens up fast. Please let me know if you have any more questions.


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