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Baby Crickets

These baby crickets just hatched! It’s so much cheaper to breed your own crickets, and it’s easy to do.


Beautiful rainbow

Rainbow Tiger Beardies trying to sleep and snuggle


Male Rainbow Tiger Beardie

Male Rainbow Tiger bearded dragon for sale. He’s only on his second shed and will get a lot brighter as he grows. He hatched September 12. ┬áPick-up is available in Marlboro, MA.



For more information, please contact me at


Snuggle Buddies


Gaping Beardie


Bearded Dragons sometime gape while basking to control their body temperature. Gaping is completely normal as long as their breathing is not labored or heavy. Labor and/or heavy breathing can be a sign of a respiratory infection, which needs immediate attention.


Sleepy Heads


Last Baby of the Year

The last baby bearded dragon of the year has finally hatched


Baby Beardie Close-up

SAM_2111 SAM_2117

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