Bearded Dragon Mouth


This is a nine year old bearded dragon named Marvin. On hot days, Marvin loves to gape. Gaping is normal for beardies; it’s like a dog sticking its tongue out on hot days. Gaping helps bearded dragon regulate their body heat. When a bearded dragon is gaping, his breathing should remain normal. If a bearded dragon breathing is heavy and/or labored, this could be a sign of a¬†respiratory¬†infection, and the beardie needs help immediately.

When a bearded dragon is gaping, it is a good time to inspect the inside of a bearded dragon’s mouth. Look for a health bright pink coloring. A pale mouth can be a sigh of anemia. Look for sores that may be causing pain, swelling, mouth rot, discolorations, or any other¬†abnormalities. Marvin has a healthy looking mouth especially for an older bearded dragon.

Gape Gape1 Gape2 D Gape4


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