Laying Eggs


When a female bearded dragon is ready to lay her eggs, she usually start digging a lot in her enclosure. This is when it is time to set-up a suitable and comfortable place for her to lay her eggs. Mix clean topsoil and sand together in a large container and moisten with water. She needs a depth of at least one foot of soil to dig in. Pat down the soil to make the top layer firm, and you may want to start a hole for her. Make sure the mixture is to her liking. The soil should be easy for her to dig in but rigid enough to ensure her cave will not collapse on her. You may need to adjust the soil mixture several times before she starts digging. Leave her alone and check on her about every ten minutes or so. When you see her digging on her own, she is ready to lay her eggs. Beardies appreciate some privacy at this time. When her cave is complete, she will back into it and lay her eggs. It should take less than an hour for her to lay her eggs, and when she is done she will cover the eggs and cave. Remove her from the container and gently dig out the eggs and place them in an incubator. Bearded dragons typically lay 15-30 eggs per clutch. If the eggs are fertilized, they will be firm, with no dents, more white and larger than unfertilized eggs. You should also be able to see small red blood vessels inside fertilized eggs if you hold them up to candlelight.  Some females may lay a few unfertilized eggs in a clutch of mostly fertilized eggs especially if it is the female’s first clutch. Unfertilized eggs are smaller usually dented and more yellow.

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