Hatching Baby Bearded Dragon




  1. laura says:

    hiya yr video was very helpful i ave just rescured a bearded dragon that was left with no heat in tank or food for seven month i ave bought all equpment is there any tips u could give me as to what i can do to help it get better it is very under weight still like a newborn yr reply would be very welcome thankyou

    • Mary says:

      Hi Laura,
      I’m so glad there are people like you who are willing to rescue and nurture helpless animals! Thank you for liking my video. I hope you also read my care guide: http://dragonrancher.com/bearded-dragon-care-guide/. One of the best ways to help a bearded dragon catch up and grow faster is to get him/her as much natural UVB light as possible. On warm days, take your beardie outside in a safe and supervised area like a screened in patio (I got a mesh play-pen for mine,too). Real UVB light is best for reptiles, and it helps them stay healthy and grow faster. Also, give your beardie greens every morning first thing in the morning, spritz them with water, and mix in a small amount of fruits on occasion. Then give your beardie size appropriate crickets (smaller than the space between the eyes) everyday. Let him/her eat as many crickets as he/she wants to eat in 10-15 minutes, and do this at least twice a day (once in the morning and again at least 2 hours before his/her lights turn off so he/she has time to digest it) until he/she has begun to catch up in size. He/she is going to need more crickets (source of fat) than a normal beardie his/her age for while so he/she can catch up. Dust the crickets with calcium carbonate every other feeding. You can also trying to feed your beardie butter worms or wax worms, and when he/she is older and bigger you can give try roaches, locust, and superworms (never feed beardies mealworms). It is very important a beardie gets a healthy diet along with plenty of UVB light so he/she stays healthy. It is also very important to keep a beardie well hydrate. One of the best ways to do this is to give him/her a bath every few days. Baths also helps a beardie relax, gives them some exercise and time outside of the enclosure, helps you bond with your beardie, helps a beardie if he/she is constipated, and has other benefits.
      I hope this information helps and your bearded dragon started to catch up in size. Please let me know if you have anymore questions.

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