Father and Son Beardies



Father on the right and son on the left, Megatron and Melvin. They look nearly identical except Megatron is still slightly larger and has a bit more red coloring. Supervised bath time is the only time these two males get near each other. They normally can’t even be kept in the same room. When they were in the same room, they would run up against or charge the glass trying to attack each other (causing a scar and scab on their chin), try to hide sometimes, and they were stressed they even ate less. Two males should never be kept together in the same enclosure and even keeping two males in the same room where they can see each other can stress them out. Males who are fighting show similar behavior to mating; the dominant male tries to get on-top of the other male and push him to the ground. They may also wiggle and/or wack their tails, bite each other, hiss, and turn their beard and bellies black.

A male’s beard may turn black in the presence of another bearded dragon. Black coloring under the chin is a sign the bearded dragon is upset, stressed out, in the presence of another beardie, or sick.

Father on left and Son on right:



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