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12 Reasons to Love a Mutt


1. Mixed breeds have unique appearances and characteristics and often have the best qualities of both parents.

2. They come in an endless variety of different sizes, shapes, and colors.

3. Mutts cost next to nothing to obtain while purebred dogs can cost hundreds of dollars from breeders.

4. Mutts are not susceptible to genetic disorders.

5. Studies have shown that mutts on average tend to be healthier, require less veterinary treatment, and live longer than their purebred counterparts.

6. Mutts can be less expensive to insure, because some pet insurance companies charge higher premiums for purebred dogs.

7. Mutts are just as intelligent as purebreds, and research has shown they have better problem solving skills.

8. Mutts make loyal companions and tend to know they are being saved.

9. There are now DNA tests available at reasonable prices that can give you the ancestry of any dog. These tests can also sometimes be quite interesting and a great conversation starter.

10. A mutt can give you the opportunity to turn an unwanted dog into healthy, active, and essential member of your family.

11. Pets of any kind can help you reduce stress in your life, improve your mood, control your blood pressure, and provide you with unconditional love!

12. There’s a lovable pup (mutt or purebred) that is perfect for you and your family available for adoption at your local shelter!

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